"Stereotypical Tattooed Boy" | Eric Brett

Visual Stories: A little behind the scenes thoughts, knowledge and stories from the photoshoots ACRONYM does - because sometimes it's pretty damn interesting.

Driving down Jefferson Avenue, fidgeting with his iPhone, Eric says to me "There's a thing that goes along with tattooed guys. Like immediately people think because I've got tattoos that I'm sleeping with everyone." 

"It's a thing," I say, as I grip the wheel, rounding passed the church on the corner where some of the homeless hang during the summer. "I've met a lot of tattooed fuckboys though." Eric agrees as we continue on our journey. We determine that the point of this shoot is to have fun, despite the fact that some of the shots I got were sort of serious looking, or have grim edits to the coloring. 

I told him that there was some pizza in the backseat, which considering that he has script across his clavicle that says "Pizza Party," I figured he would be down to eat some in an abandoned field. Between the houses, buildings, and streets we encountered while "trollin' for bandos," I realized that there is a lot more to people than meets the eye. I already knew this of course, but to have a 1-on-1 conversation with someone who I've barely spent any time with except at concerts in random run-in's, it's interesting to hear the stories people tell while they get in my car-confessional. 

Some of the shots are ridiculous, which if you know Eric, you know that's him to a T, but I think I may have brought out a different side to him with some of the more serious looking shots. I can't wait to see what comes of this shoot - and if it somehow relates to Eric's desire to continue music.