Billed as a portrait photographer primarily, ACRONYM strives to create new ideas that surround her portraiture, as well as design compositions with landscape and product photography. She tackles everything and anything with a new eye, and doesn't try to conform to the normalcy. When it comes to portraiture, however, she tries to bring out the personality of every person in a photograph, and tell a story of how someone is portrayed. 

In the subject of Detroit-based photography, or landscape photography, she is constantly trying to give new life to inanimate objects, whether it be a city, an abandoned piano, or someone's wedding rings. 


To inquire or schedule a session, request a print, or to ask for services, please fill out the form below, or e-mail info@acronymdetroit for a consultation. 

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Portrait Session - City, Nature, Urban Style

Maximum 25 final photographs, fully polished / edited. Sessions usually last 1 1/2 to 2 hours. No limit on clothing changes. 

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Max 2 people.

If location is more than 50 miles, you will have to cover travel expenses and will be discussed upon confirmation of booking.

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