Is Corktown Getting A Trader Joe's?!



By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

Well, if the world wasn't weird enough already landing in the Twilight Zone, it looks like our beloved CPA Building is going to have a new lease on life. A shelf life, not so much. Unless you count the fact it's about to be a grocery store.

Judging by the photo embedded below from Facebook User Matthew Naimi, there is a sign outside the fenced off CPA Building in Corktown that says a Trader Joe's is on it's way. Whether you think this is a good thing or a bad thing, your call. 

Though many are in doubt that this would be a good spot for a Trader Joe's considering the parking, and the fact that the CPA Building isn't the most ideal shape for a full grocery store (unless they do dual floors like in Chicago stores), many worry if this IS TRUE, if they are planning to demolish the CPA in place of a store. Curbed seems to think it's a hoax, but has reached out to Trader Joe's to find out more information. 

All I can say as of right now is that I've been on the roof of a potential Trader Joe's. 

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Posted by Matthew Naimi on Tuesday, January 17, 2017