The Wig Skatepark / Wigle Recreation Center Needs Your Help

By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM 

For those of you who have skated or biked at Wigle Recreation Center, AKA "The Wig," or have used it as a backdrop for a photography session, listen up! The Wig is in trouble, and we need your help!

According to Channel 4 WDIV (Screenshot Above From @CommunityPush Instagram), the city is looking to kill the site and make it residential units "and more." What it fails to mention is that the land is not "vacant" at all, that it's still being used by the community as a whole. 

With all of the "blight busting" and the land that is being snatched up for corporate revenue, it was only a matter of time that The Wig would be in danger. 

Sunday at noon (12PM), the @CommunityPush crew is looking to fill the park with patrons, and their Instagram notes that there will be a meeting set on May 23 to decide the fate of the land. The team is hoping to collect letters of support and will have fans and patrons of the park write this weekend when they come to visit. 

I am looking to contact the crew from @CommunityPush to see if there's anything outsiders can do - or if there's a digital way that they can be supported. If you're a lover of The Wig, please show up this Sunday and show Corporate Detroit how "vacant" the land really is!

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