Originally Published June 2, 2016
By: Amy Cooper, Detroit Ginger

Third Man Records, best known because of Detroiter Jack White,  has partnered with Shinola on June 1st to purchase a building that currently inhabits the Shinola Flagship Store. Right across the street from Motor City Brewing Works at 441 W. Canfield, the space will be an increase to Shinola and Jack White’s label.

The location is said to be open by Black Friday this year with special surprises and is sort of a breath of fresh air, since Jack White created Third Man Records in Detroit in 2001, according to the TMR press release on their site.

Jack White says that the area “has always been the most inspiring area of Detroit for me as an artist and a Detroiter.” He goes on to share that “The spirit pushes forward with “Shinola’s passion and will come full circle for the artists of the Corridor that work with Third Man Records to plant a new foundation there to help keep that creative spirit alive for decades to come.”

Shinola’s owner Tom Kartsotis expressed the excitement for Shinola and makes the joke “There goes the neighborhood!”

As many locals are fans of Jack White, The White Stripes, and Third Man Records, I’m sure we can all be excited that our native son is returning home. More to come on this as the site is renovated.