Originally Posted January 22, 2015
By: Amy Cooper, Detroit Ginger

The North American International Auto Show has always been a cause for joy for many Detroiters. The Gala held prior to public opening has even zestfully been dubbed #AutoProm by Twitter-fiends. But once the hype dulled from the media’s grand opening, the main question is asked: What car was the best, and which company wins that honor? This particular year, Ford Motor Company brought their A game, blowing Acura and it’s other sports car competitors out of the water with the Ford GT. Donning that glorious classic “Ford Blue,” also similar to the Detroit Lions Honolulu Blue, the spinning pillar holding the specimen became the rounded center of attention for those walking into the door.

Auto Show 2015 FordGT Photo by Amy Cooper

Auto Show 2015
Photo by Amy Cooper

As auto lovers alike crowded the car, many snapped photographs and gawked at the fact that a car –  that’s technically not a concept model, can be so sleek and flawless. According to’s The Best Things We Saw at the Car Show, Keith Naughton, who has covered every Auto Show since the late eighties noted that the car “will return to Le Mans in 2016.” 

For non-gearheads, the 24 Hours of Le Mans is a race held in France that specializes in proving the endurance of the best cars entered. This will be one of the less eccentric cars entered in 2016, with the usual USA entries include the Ferrari, Porsche, and the most American, the Chevy Corvette. reports in their 10 Best cars and trucks from the Detroit Auto Show article that “the new GT keeps things light with a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 capable of over 600-horsepower,” which is a large step in the right direction in an Eco-Friendly demanding world versus the previous years V8 Contenders.

With advances in new Technology, Ford began experimenting with other engineering options which brought forth a partnership with Dow Chemical to deliver a new type of Carbon Fiber to the Auto Industry. According to’s subsidiaryManufacturing Engineering Press Release “Automakers are under regulatory pressure to boost the fuel efficiency of their vehicle fleet and to reduce emissions. Ford last year introduced an aluminum version of its F-150 pickup, as part of its efforts to lighten its vehicles. Using aluminum cut the F-150’s weight by about 700 pounds.”

The bottom line that can be taken from this new model of Ford beauty is that brains and beauty can fit a car, and just like Detroit, this Ford GT will be turning heads both in looks and content in the coming years. The car is said to be released to the general public in 2016 by