WhiteHouse.gov Has Axed LGBT, Climate Change, Civil Rights, And More

By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

In under less than two hours, WhiteHouse.gov gets a makeover - scrubbing all liberties and importance from it's site. So far, the things taking a hit include LGBT Rights, Climate Change, Civil Rights, and Poverty. 

The direct goes to an error of "cannot be found," while some others, like Poverty go to a landing page to sign up for President Trump's newsletter.

Many Twitter users argue that this could be just sloppy transitioning, and Politico notes that Trump's digital team plans to put out a new version of the site, but they are trying to scrub the entire website of President Barack Obama. 

Politico says, "Of course, visitors to whitehouse.gov will notice some obvious differences once Trump is inaugurated. For starters, all Obama-specific content, from pictures of the 44th president to his policy positions and news releases, will be removed, frozen the moment his term ends, and shipped to the National Archives and Records Administration for permanent safekeeping."

The concern of the missing landing pages in conjunction with the ones that bounce out to a 404 redirect to a newsletter form are more concerning because the things that are missing like LGBT, Climate Change, and Civil Rights are directing to a plain text page, which obviously means those are taken down. 

Furthermore, anything involving health care, or any other actionable items and issues have been scrubbed, but Trump's White House page looks like this: