Detroit Based Photographer Publicly Makes Fun Of Rape Victim


By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

The local arts scene, including fellow photographers and models are now calling for the blacklisting of Photographer and Cinematographer Chris Asadian after his comments on rape.

Screenshots provided by victim of Asadian's words.

Publicly on Facebook, before some of the posts were taken down for being reported, we assume, Asadian's comments included that maybe the woman in question wouldn't have been assaulted if she was "home making a meal" for her husband. She replied back with "I was 8 years old," and the two engaged in a series of words in which Asadian mocked the woman.

Other comments to Facebook users that interacted with the post recieved crass comments that included using racist lingo, and making rape jokes that he openly admits to finding funny. 

Screenshots anonymously submitted with story tip.

Currently, Asadian is billed as a photographer and cinematographer in the Detroit and Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti area, and many are calling to action in spreading this information further in hopes that people, especially females, are swayed from not working with him.