Basement Burger Bar In Detroit Has An Open Date

By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

For those of you who have been to the original Downtown Farmington location of Basement Burger Bar, or have visited the second installment in Canton, it's time to rejoice! BBB now has 3 locations, and this one is just outside of Greektown. 

Eater reports that initially the location was supposed to open last summer, but things were pushed back, as most construction projects go. Either way, there will be 20 different beers on tap as well as the customizating burgers to indulge (I'm telling you, get the tater tots or the sweet potato fries with your burger). 

And just to throw in a little historical knowledge, I'm pretty sure my friends and I are the reason that Nacho Cheese is still served with the tater tots till this day. Dig in on Saturday, January 14 when the new location opens. 

Photo: Amanda Skrzycki

Photo: Amanda Skrzycki