5 Spots To Snag A Pie On National Pizza Day In Metro Detroit

By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

National Pizza Day is a must celebration when it comes to foodies. And though, sure, we've got all the local chains here - there are a few less known spots, and a few Detroit traditions that need to be recognized in the name of pizza. So we figured, why not highlight a few in case you're jonesin' for some cheesy pies?

Check out our favorites below:


Buddy's is a MUST. There are Buddy's Pizza's scattered through the Metro Detroit area, but the first location is 17125 Conant St, Detroit, MI 48212. 

They also offer a great gluten free option (and personally, I'm not even gluten allergic and I love it).


Pizza and Beer. There should be a place for it on the food pyramid. The Mowie Wowie is amazeballs (Pineapple On Pizza Argument Commence) as well as the Margarita standard.

Annnnnd did we mention beer? MCBW is known for Detroit Beer, so don't forget to indulge in a Ghettoblaster or a Nut Brown Ale. 

It's also right across from the new Third Man Records store in the Cass Corridor, so dinner and jams?

Sgt. Pepperoni's (at The Magic Stick)

The fact that the Magic Stick has bowling, a concert venue, and pizza makes it worthwhile for a night out. Plus you get that classic style pizza right in Midtown on Woodward. Can't pass that up!


Another location with great gluten free and vegan options, Pie-Sci is a great spot to get some concoctions that you wouldn't snag anywhere else. 

Their winter menu alone has pizzas like "Are You Alfredo The Dark," "Blue Barra-Gouda," and "I Can Has (Bacon Cheeseburger)" pies to ingest (and the punny names are part of the gig.

This spot is located at 5163 Trumbull, in Detroit.


I'll include one non-Detroit-centric chain for the folks in Royal Oak and Ann Arbor! Pieology is one of my favorites because it's basically a pizza version of Subway. You go in, choose your dough, and build your pizza how you want it! This is great if you have anyone lactose sensitive because they can opt for no cheese and other alternatives, or if you just really love pineapple on your pizza and everyone else judges you. 

What's your favorite Pizza spot in Metro Detroit? Sound off in the comments!