Detroit Based Photographer Publicly Makes Fun Of Rape Victim

The local arts scene, including fellow photographers and models are now calling for the blacklisting of Photographer and Cinematographer Chris Asadian after his comments on rape.

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Tony Hawk Partners With Bedrock To Open Skate Park In Detroit

With Tony Hawk's continued love for the City of Detroit, he's now overseeing a venture into a new Skate Park that will live at the corner of Farmer and Monroe, right near Campus Martius.

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5 Spots To Snag A Pie On National Pizza Day In Metro Detroit

National Pizza Day is a must celebration when it comes to foodies. And though, sure, we've got all the local chains here - there are a few less known spots, and a few Detroit traditions that need to be recognized in the name of pizza. So we figured, why not highlight a few in case you're jonesin' for some cheesy pies?

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