'Selectress Iriela's Journey To Detroit' Hits Huffpost! (And I'm In It!)


By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

Not only do you get to see how Selectess Iriela felt about Detroit during our photoshoot for 'Girls Gone Vinyl' with Maggie Derthick and Super Dre,  but I ended up in some of the shots between Orleans + Winder and wandering around Eastern Market

This was already super cool to begin with - but then we all got picked up in a HuffPost article! Part of the article, written by Ron Mwangaguhunga says the following:

 "In the YouTube video of her trip, “Selectress Iriela’s Trip to Detroit,” Selectress Iriela talks to local techno DJ Superdre, Maggie Derthik and Amy Cooper, the ladies of Girls Gone Vinyl. “It was incredible how the maiden trip mirrored my life in many ways - it had a ‘this is your life’ quality to it,’” notes Selectress Iriela."

Check out the article by clicking here, and watch Selectress Iriela's Video below, along with some of my favorite shots from the shoot.