Lite Brite Jewelry For Gay And Trans Support - READ FURTHER

By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

With the recent election of Donald Trump, the LGBTQ community is scared. And rightfully so, the man is kind of a monster. (Sorry to anyone who voted for him, I don't mean to offend you, but I have the right to state my opinion.)

With that being said, many Gay and Transgender communities are afraid that what rights that they've gotten that they have worked so hard to obtain, or the ones they are still struggling TO obtain will be taken away due to the racist/sexist/hate nature of the future administration. 

So, I wanted to do something that could help that community. Though someone will eventually say "You're a straight white female, why do you care?" I care, because of my friends. I have quite a few friends that fit this category, some I'm more close with than others, and I live near a heavily populated community of a LGBTQ friendly city. 

What came to mind was a jewelry project I did back in my years of High School which was the product of a "found object" project. I used lite brite pegs, which are super colorful, and created a chandelier necklace. Once I finished the project, I began making bracelets, earrings, necklaces, anything I could come up with that would work. 

The other day, I brought out my bracelet and wore it, and started to get attention for it, and the reason I did was it was a rainbow - which is a symbol for the LGBTQ, and is part of their flag.

So, here is my offer to you: 

If anyone would like to purchase a bracelet, necklace, earrings, or any other sort of item with the Lite Brites for $5 an item, I will donate 100% of the proceeds to sponsor a Trans person to get their name changed/passport/legal documents or donate it to a charity that helps Gay and Trans youth.

There are many who need our help in this time, and even though there are national charities, many of them are overloaded with many fearful Americans who need results now.

If you wish to purchase, shoot me a message or e-mail me at

 I am willing to make whatever combination, trans flag colors, or specific colors - so just express that in the message and I will do my best to accommodate your design ideas. 

If you do not want an item but still want to donate, message me privately, AND/OR share this. I will accommodate as many as I possibly can! Let's make some sort of difference somewhere, even if it's small!

I will also have these on hand at the RAW DETROIT showcase on December 13 at St. Andrew's Hall, so you can pick one up there as well!