ACRONYM's Detroit People Mover Write-UP

By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

I will preface this with saying that Adam, owner of Detroit People Mover, wanted me to do a write-up on myself, as I do with the rest of the Detroit People Mover Family. I couldn't knowingly sit there and write about myself and and make it all about me, so I did what I do best: Tell a story with a moral. Read my write up below: 

When I stepped into “The Garage,” I wasn’t entirely sure where my focus was going to go on Detroit People Mover. My expectations of shooting a clothing line were A. Get the clothes. B. Shoot the clothes creatively. C. Edit and Post. I ended up spending 3 hours or so talking to Adam, the owner of DPM, and upon leaving, we’d come across the importance of what Detroit People Mover meant to not only Adam, but myself.

You see, a turntable is a vessel. It’s not just signifying techno. A turntable is not classified as one genre’s expediter. A turntable is not racist, partial, or any of those things. It is a tool to play someone else’s expression of music. So when the ink goes through a screen, pressed with care and applied with a squeegee, the Detroit People Mover shirt itself becomes a vessel of it’s own.

I never expected to back a line so vigorously. The thing is, this one is different. It’s more than a piece of clothing. When I started this project over a year ago, I took it one step further than anyone had thought it could go, and began highlighting people who I deemed a Detroit People Mover. The definition of that: Someone talented, who goes the extra mile, who cares not only about the city, but also the people in it.

As I built up this family from my side of the spectrum, I created friendships I never thought that would exist across channels. Not only did I make people aware of these tremendous talents of the city, but I created channels of communication. When one of my choices as a People Mover sees another on a street, they already have a bond, because they are a part of something bigger. They are a collective, an arsenal of directors, photographers, tattoo artists, renaissance men and women. Hustlers, grinders, voices of our generation. Voices of Detroit.

Adam told me that he wanted a profile of me at some point, like I had with the rest of my People Movers, but I can’t knowingly talk myself up without feeling vain. I’ve never been the greatest at taking compliments, and though Social Media may paint me as an amplifier, a loudmouth, and a “gives no f***ks mentality,” I am extremely humble.

The best I can offer is this, which goes back to my definition of a People Mover: “Someone talented, who goes the extra mile, who cares not only about the city, but also the people in it.” I seek out creatives, amazing people, and people who embody the qualities of someone special. Someone who can’t see those things in themselves everyday, and I take that photograph to capture their essence in time. I then put my words into some form of poetry, and honor their spirit and soul in the best way I know how.

That in itself, I bare my soul, my feelings, and my heart, as well as my love to the People that I admire and aspire to be, and to be golden in their eyes. If that doesn’t make me a Detroit People Mover, I don’t know what does.