Fact Check: Planned Parenthood - By The Numbers



By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

You claim to know, but you have no idea. So do your research, and get the facts. That’s all a journalist can ask of you.

You may argue that a program such as Planned Parenthood is a “baby killing” machine, but let’s go by the numbers.

February 2016 Data:

3% of services provided: Abortions

Men and Women provided with sexual health care in 1 year: 4,970,000

Percentage of Planned Parenthood Healthcare Patients that are: 
- Age 20 and over: 84%
- Incomes at or below 150% of the federal poverty level: 75%

Estimated unintentional pregnancies averted through contraceptive services: 579,000

Estimated number of abortions that didn’t happen due to contraceptive services provided by PP: 197,000

So when you argue that people who support Planned Parenthood are “baby killers” and “sluts,” “godless whores,” and more: look at the numbers. It’s not the abortion part the government is upset about. It’s the fact that the poor are getting help with assistance from funding that “they aren’t paying for.” Never mistake the fact that the government only cares about money. It has nothing to do with human life and the rights of children or religion.

(Statistics from Planned Parenthood.org: http://bit.ly/2kBZQgV)
To donate, head over to https://www.plannedparenthood.org/.

Model: Anna Thomas