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6 years in the making, Jay Brown left the salon life behind and began to create his own home for his art – giving birth to Parlor 13, now located in the InkAddict Flagship Store

Starting off in a salon in Ferndale, Brown realized fairly quick that his desire to do hair did not reside in the female genre, cuts and colors. Once he shopped around to find out where to go next, even working at other barber shops, Jay found that he would rather mold his image of his Parlor 13, sort of a “Gentleman’s Atmosphere” where men can go and get a cut, chat it up, and he can call the shots of what clients he interacts with.



How did Jay end up being connected with InkAddict? Funny enough, the same way that this writer did: Chad Nicefield of  Wilson (also coincidentally, one of InkAddict’s Sponsored Bands!). As Brown shared how the haircut generally goes with Chad, it’s easy to see why he enjoys what he does.

“We just basically laugh the whole time. He’s a 20 minute haircut, but it takes me an hour, because we spend the whole time laughing and chatting. That’s the stuff I look forward to.”  

The friendship was fostered between “the guys” at InkAddict and Brown and it seemed to work out for both parties perfectly.

“It made it easy for me to transition here, and now I can help InkAddict out, and InkAddict can help me out, so now we have a partnership.” 

As far as his specialties, some of his favorite styles are 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s styles – and as he joked that he doesn’t want to say “I specialize in everything,” he can pretty much do anything – but the short, fades, and traditional cuts are his favorites – putting a modern or punk rock spin on it. “If I could just do Joe Strummer haircuts all day…” he laughed.

As for the name, the number 13 may be unlucky to some, but Jay says it’s his lucky number. Judging by the way this whole thing all played out, we say it’s a lucky number indeed.



Parlor 13 Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday |  11-7 for Walk-in’s*
Friday |  10-6 Walk-in’s*
Saturday |  10-3 Appointments Only*

*Though the Parlor 13 hours are listed here, your best bet to keep track of the hours is to like Parlor 13 on Facebook, which you can do so here.

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