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At the InkAddict Flagship, we love doing all sorts of events. Given that Halloween is right around the corner, we decided to do something different. 

Special Effects / Makeup Artist (SFX) Alexandria Bishop happens to be one of the best creators in the range of the Flagship, so what better than to have her come through and do a workshop, not only showcasing her talents, but helping us get our creep on as well!

We had a little pow-wow with her to find out where her ideas come from, and how she got her start horrifying the world, one bloody brush stroke at a time.


Self taught, Alexandria Bishop has made her way into viral fame doing some of the coolest paints and special effect makeup that will bend your mind. When you look at her work, you not only see talent, patience, and skill – like you would with a tattoo artist, but you also see her dimensions, and an almost 3D design like quality.

It’s also obvious when you see some of her work that her inspirations are pulled from Tim Burton and Ve Neil, as well as watching the TV Show Face Off.  In addition to this, she will also do horror movie marathons, look up wounds and illnesses, as well as studying anatomy to make her work look as life-like as possible.

It’s crazy to think that just in two and a half years, Bishop’s work has taken off, starting on Vine, and continuing onto Facebook and other social platforms. Her “Yoda Illusion Face Paint” was even featured on Tosh.0, as well as the official Star Wars Account, and a few online magazines.

Though some of Bishop’s makeup can be considered beauty-esque (one that caught our eyes was her various colored Pokemon style’d looks), she currently does not do basic beauty work, and says that she would love to perfect the skill before being hired for certain gigs, like weddings. It’s safe to say that her strong suit is definitely the creepy side of things.

When approached to lead the SFX Workshop at the InkAddict Flagship, Bishop shares that she wanted to do the workshop because she “wanted to tackle the challenge.” This will be her first time leading a workshop, and would be willing to tackle more in the future.

See a gallery of her various works here:

Check out all of Alexandria’s accounts and follow her for more awesome content year round, and if you would like to book her, e-mail her at




The SFX Workshop presented at the InkAddict Flagship is currently full, but keep an eye out for photographs and updates from the event on the InkAddict Flagship’s Facebook Page.

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