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Image Courtesy of Trixeyart

Image Courtesy of Trixeyart


There comes a level of patience that is necessary to be a tattoo artist, but you have to exercise some extreme patience when it comes to crafting certain types of tattoos, like for example, portrait work.

Like a nice cup of Tea, the talent takes steeping, and Ricky, otherwise known as Trixeyart, has done just that with his work. Hailing from the U.K. and being a treasured import to the tattoo scene in the U.S., he feels now that he’s finally come into his own, and it shows, both in what work he is proud of, and how many residencies he’s had within the last few in multiple states and countries.

He says “Italy is by far my favorite. Everyone’s in a good mood… You could spend five years in that country and you’d still never work your way through what it has to offer.” He explained that the architecture in Italy and other places he has traveled has given him ideas for artwork.

In terms of other places that Ricky pulls his inspiration, like many, he says he pulls it from what he sees around him, and from other artwork. But he fully admits, which some artists wont, that other artists will inspire work, and you branch from how you can change it. He says, “We’re all thieves, in some sense, like how many times can you do a redo rose?”

Hey, he’s got a point.

Trixeyart took to Portraits as one of his favorite types of tattoos, and feels that they are are striking, because of the attention to detail that goes into creating them. What also drew us to his work? The fact that he rarely uses color. He explains that he prefers black and grey works because color inks are messy and a lot thicker, and using blacks gives him more freedom to design with detail.

Though he also draws and paints, he doesn’t list his artwork for sale – but is not opposed to selling his art if it’s the right price. Like his examples of his tattoos on his Instagram, he also shares drawings when he’s been working on one or completed one.

Overall, his creative process is always changing and improving. Ricky shares the following thought:

“The more I’m doing it, the more I’m looking at it, and just seeing what I need to do to simplify [the design], the more complex you can get with the detail… And it is like fashion in a sense, it’s constantly changing. What black and grey piece now is appealing to people wasn’t appealing 10 years ago, so it’s constantly evolving.”

That is the most important goal for artists: Whether you are a tattoo artist, painter, photographer, or musician, you’ve got to find your balance and not be stagnant with your designs. Never stop revamping your craft.


Trixeyart’s Home Base is Eternal Tattoos in Clawson, but he will be doing a guest spot at No Hard Feelings Tattoo in Coral Springs, Florida December 6- January 11th.

To contact or view more of his work, visit @Trixeyart on Instagram.

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