#ORIGINDETROIT - The New Instagram Hashtag

Illustration: Adobe Stock

Illustration: Adobe Stock


Hey, Detroit Creative!

It's Amy. Or ACRONYM. Or whatever you want to call me, just be nice about it

Anyway, I wanted to do this for a long time, and I'm finally finding the gumption to step forward and do it. It's no surprise that we've got a shit ton of hashtags when it comes to Instagram, and I'm going to be completely blunt when saying the following thing: 

We know that half the feature accounts in Detroit are biased. 

Now, I'm not saying that to be mean, but I'm speaking the truth. And talking to many artists around, I know I'm not the only one that thinks so. So I'm deciding to create my own, and be an unbiased party to promote you. 

I don't care what beefs you have. I don't care what thoughts you have about me. What I do care, is that we all succeed, because it's a known scientific fact, if we all succeed together, Detroit succeeds. 

This scene, whether it's art, clothing, graffiti, photography, film, it's all got beef. It's all got people who don't like people, and it's either public or private knowledge. I myself have haters. Haters who won't participate in this initiative, and that's fine. They don't have to. 

But what I'm asking you to do, as a creative individual, is to open our eyes, everyone's eyes, to the world around us in this amazing city. We will show the world we are up, and that we're coming for them. Because that's what Detroiters do. 

So, here's the plan: 

In The Weekly Photo Roundup Feature:

Submit your photographs, they can be portraiture, landscapes, cell phone shots, I don't care! Just come correct, come creative. 

Painters / Illustrators / Murals / Graffiti: 
You are accepted! Please add your photos to this pile. This isn't just about photographers. This is about everyone! 

Clothing Companies: 
I will not feature you if your photographer is not tagged. This is not your chance to market yourselves, this is a chance to make a difference. 

Not In The Weekly Photo Roundup, But... 

Post your show flyers. Post your band photos (please credit your photographers). I won't put this in the photo roundup, but it will help me track the bands to highlight shows for if you aren't posting them in a Facebook Event

Screenshot your blog post and tag the screenshot on Instagram. If we like it, we'll sure as shit share it on social. It will not be a part of the photo round up.


This is about working as one. Now, let's get cracking.