Every Year With The Damn Starbucks Cups!

Photo: ACRONYM, Subject: Kristi Yarng, 'Socially Homeless' Set

Photo: ACRONYM, Subject: Kristi Yarng, 'Socially Homeless' Set


Don't we have more important things to talk about?

Another year, another set of Starbucks holiday cups that are being hated on. 

A Starbucks employee (who is probably gonna be in big trouble) has leaked the images from this year's Holiday cups, and of course, people are up in arms again, as they are every year. 

After photos were posted on Reddit, people took to Twitter to express their frustrations, including one user (@SHOEBOX6) saying "The funny part is these cups look exactly like Starbucks execs went "THEY WANT MORE CHRISTMAS?! OH, WE'LL GIVE THEM CHRISTMAS! MUAHAHAA!"

All of that aside, I come back to the original thought: why does it matter? It's a cup. You drink out of it, you throw it away. When it was less Christmas themed, you'd think everyone would seem happy. But pastors came out of the woodwork and accused Starbucks of "Hating Jesus," and now, the opposite thing is happening, when two turtle-doves are pictured on the cup. 

Personally, I want everyone to take a moment and realize that while people crave some Christian input and importance on a freakin' coffee cup, you're ignoring the homeless every year struggling on the street. You are degrading your fellow man on Social Media. You're not out there trying to make the world a better place. You're drinking Starbucks, and complaining. 

So if you have an issue with this year's Starbucks cup, here's a new idea: Don't buy Starbucks, and donate that money to buying food for the Homeless. Donate to a charity. Do something with your pigheaded protest instead of sucking down a different coffee chain and complaining about how "Y'all need Jesus." 

Pretty sure Jesus would drink out of anything as long as it was tasty and not filled with hate.