9 Questions Not To Ask Your "DJ Friends"


By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

Movement Weekend is upon us, and for any music heads that fall into an electronic genre, this is a holy event. Between afterparties and the main event, there will be so many things going on within the city, and you need to be mindful of what's going - and to be more blunt, be careful when it comes to your DJ friends.

Although they aren't fragile individuals, there are triggers that they hate more than anything when it comes to their shows/events, and you must be accountable for yourself to not step on their toes. Here are nine things (and we're sure there's many more) in which you should avoid - most of which were provided by anonymous DJ's that I know:

Can I stay with you Movement Weekend? It's a party, right?

Many times, people who live in the city get stuck dealing with their friends wanting to couch surf, and even if they let them, they mostly end up regretting it, especially when they want to sleep and their friends are belligerent or completely wasted to the point of inconsolable behavior. 

Can I be on your guest list / can you guest list me / do you have an extra pass?

Chances are, if someone is playing a show, whether Movement weekend or not, this will be the most offensive question to ask. Despite the fact that you are friends with them, you should pay to support them, not ask if you can get in for free. The same goes for Movement Weekend - If your friend is being covered for Movement as talent, a guest, media, or photography, you shouldn't ask for extra passes. Find your way in, tickets are always available. 

Can I get in on your set?

This is just obnoxious. Book your own shows, get in on your own name. If you're a DJ collective, it's more acceptable, but if you're just some random person wanting to DJ with someone because you're not getting gigs, piss off. And don't you dare ask to guest on the decks for Movement. 

Can I use your equipment*? (*Needles, CDJs/ Decks / Turntables / Headphones)

They pay money for their equipment. So should you. And don't start a GoFundMe to launch your "DJ career."

Do you have any extra drink tickets?

Just pay for your drinks. Don't try to cop your friend's VIP to get covered for drinks, either.

Can I use one of your tracks for my film / video?

If you need a track, commission one. Don't borrow one. Unless your DJ friends offer or say you can with any specific old tracks or things they are welcoming you to use, be respectful of their craft. 

Personal Questions (Why are you single? What's your real name? How old are you?)

Are you writing their Wikipedia page? No? Then stop asking these questions. And if you don't know their real name then how good of friends could you be?

Oh, you DJ? Can you introduce me to (insert famous DJ here)? You must know them!

Just because someone plays music doesn't mean they know everyone, nor should you expect them to introduce you if they do have a connections with some one.

Isn't DJing just pushing buttons?

Do not insult the craft your friends do by making it seem like a trivial act.

Remember, tickets are still on sale for Movement's three-day event, and if you'd like to hit some after parties, check out our handy-dandy list: Your Ticket To Movement Detroit - The Best Weekend Parties Of The Year!