$13 Tattoos: Would You Or Won't You?

By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

Photo: Amy Cooper

Photo: Amy Cooper

It's another Friday the 13th, and let's face it, if you're anywhere near the tattooed world, know a lot of tattoo artists, or just follow a lot of places on Instagram, you'll see a phenomenon of $13 dollar tattoos. 

Now, to be fair, if you have common sense, supplies for tattooing and the time it takes are vastly expensive, even if you're doing simple "flash sheets" of what to choose from, but the question still remains: Would you get a $13 tattoo?

Many do it for fillers in between larger pieces that they've commissioned on their skin, and some kick off getting their first tattoos this way, but many are concerned that if a tattoo artist is offering something like $13 tattoos (or, sometimes they flip the numbers and do $31), is the quality compromised, and/or is that an indicator of a novice or untalented artist. 

I pose these questions as more of an "open-ended discussion, as I'd love to see your responses, and curate the different knowledge from different folks.

As for today, if you are looking for places in the Metro Detroit area that are running this special, note the places below:

Ink Addiction Tattoos & Body Piercing
30960 Ford Rd, Garden City MI 48135  - (734) 261-7944
11607 Telegraph Rd, Taylor MI 48180  -  (734) 374-2574

Steve Webster, Lance Kellar Studios
25534 21 Mile Rd, Macomb, Michigan  - (586) 648-4595

Dbre' Ink Tattoo
5800 E 12 Mile Rd, Warren, Michigan  -  (586) 806-5131

Empire Tattoo Studio
25765 W 7 Mile Rd, Redford, Michigan  -  (313) 952-2330

Premier Tattoo Studio Westland
8043 N Middlebelt Rd, Westland, Michigan  -  (734) 338-9425  

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