Small Town Titans Is Your New Favorite Unheard Band

Provided by TAG Publicity

Provided by TAG Publicity


By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

If you're a fan of new wave type rock bands such as Highly Suspect and Royal Blood, then you're gonna dig Small Town Titans

Phil Freeman, the Vocalist and Bass Player has this to say about the song "Me, Myself, and Monster.":
"The song is about accepting and striking balance with the darkest parts of oneself. Anyone who says they could never commit an evil deed is probably the first person that will, at some point, blindly and ignorantly commit it. Once you acknowledge your ability to become a monster, that's the path to becoming a better person."

The band that hails from York, Pennsylvania, tries to stay as focused on the fans they have now, rather than catering to trying to gain more, but are thankful for every new fan they get. 

Check out the track "Me, Myself, and Monster" below: