Shinobi Ninja's Baby G Brands As Edara For New Single "Faded"

By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM


If you're a big fan of Shinobi Ninja, then you'll be stoked to hear that Baby G has released a new single on Soundcloud under the pseudonym Edara to release a new single called "Faded." 

We spoke with Shinobi Ninja back in May 2017, and her cohort in the band, Doobie Duke Sims, said the following about his bandmate: 

"Being in a band with five other dudes isn’t easy. Female energy is different than male energy, especially being on tour and on the road. It's a different pace. People love Baby G. She’s an original. She’s like Raymond. Everyone loves her. And that's beautiful because Baby G is an awesome person and talented entertainer and artist. She is the truth! She’s the one!"

Check out the track from Edara below: