Monument, Monument Talks New Album, Win Tickets For Loving Touch Date!

Image Provided By Monument, Monument

Image Provided By Monument, Monument


By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

Detroit Suburb-based band Monument, Monument kicked up the dust of playing some music together after a few years of a hiatus, and didn't expect to come through the clouds with an album - but after realizing how much their music impacted them, and when they began to write new lyrics, it was clear that something great was about to form. 

Now the band is setting up shows here and there to promote the record, and to just play with their pals - and we're getting a little taste of them on Saturday, June 24 at The Loving Touch - WHICH YOU CAN WIN TICKETS TO BELOW THIS INTERVIEW!

Check out what the band has to say about life, music, possible tour schedule, and a special thank you to the fan base that's stuck with them all these years. Read further, and follow the steps in the Rafflecopter giveaway to snag a pair of tickets (courtesy of Fusion Shows), which also features Empty Houses and Spike Factory

ACRONYM: The band just released 'At Least We're Here' - what was the writing process/feelings that are associated with this album?

Image Provided By Monument, Monument

Image Provided By Monument, Monument

Steve: The writing process was interesting because we didn't set out to write a record. We got a practice space and started playing together again after a few years hiatus without any real expectations. It was very organic and we ended up writing a whole batch of songs that would eventually become this record.

We all turned 30 while writing this record so the songs are all about growing up and getting older while still trying to hold on to your youth. I wasn't handling that very well and these songs were born out of the anxiety of that.

ACRONYM: Any special influences that the band would like to cite musician wise?

Chris: I think the common thread of influence the four of us share is the ability to appreciate many different genres of music. If a song has a great melody and can communicate an emotion, genre is irrelevant to us. We love 1960's Beatles just as much as we love 2017 Taylor Swift. Our songs typically fall under the rock spectrum, but we never set out to write rock music. 

ACRONYM: Are you planning on going on tour in the future for this album?

Chris: No plans as of now. It would be a challenge for us to tour since we have other life commitments but we could make it work if the right opportunity came along. We're not ruling anything out.

ACRONYM: Any other information you'd like to share with a fan-base?

Chris: Thanks for sticking with us over the years. We know we're not the most vocal about what we're up to all the time. Most people had no idea we were still a band, let alone about to put out a new record. We started writing songs for this album in 2012 and recorded most of it in 2015. It took a little longer than we wanted but it was for the best. We're still passionate about the songs two years later. It's been nice to have that time to internally reflect on them.