Me Like Bees Talks Influence, Sound, And Future

Photo: Mark Nuenschwander (Courtesy of High Road Publicity)

Photo: Mark Nuenschwander (Courtesy of High Road Publicity)

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When you're on the road with a 4 piece indie rock band from Missouri, sometimes things can get a little contemplative. Luckily, when you're also on a sold-out date with Never Shout Never, people find a lot of reasons to want to get to know your band. This is the case with Me Like Bees

In the downtime before the show at The Crofoot in Pontiac, MI, I had a chance to have a chat with the front man of Me Like Bees, Luke Sheafer, to find out a little bit more of what makes the band a unique experience, and how certain bands can help shape your interest in music, and how sometimes music videos aren't fun when you didn't pick the ideas. 

When I first took a listen to Me Like Bees, I was able to pinpoint right away that Modest Mouse had to be an influential artist on their docket. Luke said that the "rough vocals, the gritty but kind of dance-y" sound of The Moon & Antarctica is one of his favorites. You can hear the fun indie vibe, especially in their song "Tundraland."

The funny part about the video for "Tundraland" however, is that Luke did not have fun making the video, and admitted it wasn't his concept. "It wasn't my idea to get dressed up as a dog to run around," and noted that it was really hot during the time that they filmed. I guess I wouldn't want to be covered head to toe running from my guitarist either, so I don't blame him!

The Throwback Tour with Never Shout Never has been a great opportunity, because opens the band up to a new fan base, and it's not their first rodeo when it comes to touring with NSN. Luke isn't a huge fan for festivals, as he's played Warped Tour, and it's sort of exhausting. However, he did seem intrigued in potentially playing a MO Pop Music Festival Gig in the future (hit-'em-up Mo Pop!). 

The band currently has a 4-song EP out called There Will Be Time and has already had a full length album under their belt called The Ides, but Luke says they might stick to EP's for the time being. He also shared that that there will be a cross-promotional EP with another band, but he couldn't share what band they were doing it with - so be sure to keep tabs on them through Facebook to see who they link up with next!