Kevin Smith Is Completely Disgusted With Harvey Weinstein

Image from 'Hollywood Babble-On' Podcast

Image from 'Hollywood Babble-On' Podcast


By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

Kevin Smith is extremely upset when it comes to his involvement with The Weinstein Company recently. Specifically, after all the years working with Harvey Weinstein

In his most recent podcast of 'Hollywood Babble-On,' Kevin Smith has decided to try and make a change based on all the years he's been involved with Weinstein and his connection to all of his cult classics. 

As you may know, The Weinstein Company oversaw most of Kevin Smith's biggest movies and now, with the sexual harassment allegations that have come out from a ton of Hollywood Actresses and witnesses, Kevin is just disgusted. 

He says in the podcast the following, choking through his words, trying not to cry: 
"My entire career is tied up with the man. It's been a weird fucking week. I just wanted to make some fucking movies, that's it... That's why I came, that's why I made 'Clerks.' And no fucking movie is worth all this. Like, my entire career, fuck it, take it. It's wrapped up in something really fucking horrible."

He also says: 
"I'm not looking for sympathy. I know it's not my fault, but I didn't fucking help. Because I sat out there talking about this man like he was a hero, like he was my friend, like he was my father and shit like that, and he changed my fucking life. And I showed other people, like, ‘You can dream, and you can make stuff, and this man will put it out.' I was singing praises of somebody that I didn't fucking know."

With sexual harassment being a major topic of today, especially with the "Me Too" movement that spawned after Weinstein's victims came forward, Smith promises to give any future residual income from his Weinstein-made movies to a non-profit organization called Women In Film, which "advocates for and advances the careers of working women in the screen industries." 

Many people came after Smith on Twitter, saying that he couldn't have just "not realized" that this is who Harvey Weinstein was. He addresses that in the podcast too, saying “I didn’t know the man that they keep talking about in the press. Clearly he exists, but that man never showed himself to me.”

According to Vulture, out of the 13 movies that Smith has done, "over half were produced by Weinstein."  'Chasing Amy,' 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,' 'Jersey Girl,' 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno,' and the aforementioned 'Clerks' and its sequel 'Clerks II.' They also note that Kevin pledged $2,000 a month for the rest of his life to Women in Film, especially if the films lose their value. 

Check out the full podcast here. The parts about Weinstein land around the 1 Hour, 24 mark.