The Gorillaz Return When We Need Them Most: For Politics

By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

In what NME calls a "Donald Trump protest song," ‘Hallelujah Money’ is a haunting installment of chaotic images featuring Benjamin Clementine singing lead vocals for this new track from Gorillaz.

Murdoc, one of the "characters," or band members, as they like to call themselves, shares that the song was supposed to be a “a lightning bolt of truth in a black night."

Considering the images playing behind Clementine (and yes, Sponge Bob SquarePants makes a cameo appearance at the end), it is noted that this haunting hymn echos one line that hopefully will be taken into consideration given the future we have to look forward to: "We are still humanz."

Watch the video here, and read the lyrics below:

Here is our tree
That primitively grows
When we go to bed
Scare crows from the Far a-East
Come to eat its tender fruits
I have thought that the
Best way to protect our tree
Is by building walls
Walls like unicorns in full glory and galore
Even stronger than the walls of Jericho
Be glad then my friend
That in a few
We shall reap abundantly
What we’d always dreamt of havin
Enough of the starvin
It is love
That is the root of all evil
Not our tree
And thank you my friend
For trusting me
Hallelujah Money
Hallelujah Money
How will we know
When the morning comes
We are still humanz.
How will we know?
How will we dream?
How will we love?
How will we know?
Don’t worry my friend
If this be the end
Then so shall it be
Until we say so
Nothing will move
Ah, don’t worry
It is not against our morals
It’s legally tender
Touch my friend
What the whole world, and whole beasts of nations desire: power
Hallelujah Money
Cross the chemtrail sun
Hallelujah Money

(Lyrics posted from NME)