How To Use Your Facial Expressions

If there's one thing that can be said about models about photographers, it's the fact that many new models don't know how to use their facial expressions to convey a tone, mood, or they just downright pick a face they think is "sexy" and run with it. 

One of the things I had to tell a new model friend of mine was that "You're not going to be Gisele Bündchen overnight. You're going to have to practice." 

That may sound silly at first, practice. Yes, that means sitting in front of a mirror and figuring out what faces are flattering to you. That means studying looks you like, and trying to recreate those looks with your face. Trying to convey a mood. You don't want to be taking a photo for a party-fun branded line and looking so stern that you're not having some candid fun, nor do you want to be doing some dark avant garde type photoshoot, smiling with those pearly whites. It's all about how you use your face. And the best models? If they don't already know how themselves, they know how to take direction. 

First thing is first, learn about Squinching. 

I came across this video (which I love) from Photographer Peter Hurley. He actually walks through step by step what he means by "Squinching," which is a term he coined himself, and he shows examples as to how to make it work, both technically, and how it looks as a final product on many people.