Youmancon 2017 Brings Great Cosplays, Broken Escalators, & Warm Weather

By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM


If you're into anime and live in Metro Detroit, chances are you've heard of Youmacon or been a participant in the post-Halloween festivities of continuing to dress up, this time, as anime characters, (or the select few who choose to stray into other fandoms/gaming). 

Though there were snafu's all over when it came to getting from place to place in the Renaissance Center, whether it be broken escalators or not being allowed to use the elevators from certain floors, the games still roared on, the raves bumped hard, and of course, lots and lots of gaming and photo shooting commenced. Especially since the weather wasn't FREEZING, so you could actually take pictures outside. 

Some of the favorites included the Persona shoots, where all games ended up being represented, to the Arcade and Board game rooms where people could cut their teeth on new games, or games they hadn't played in years. 

Of course, the vendors also kicked ass and brought some of the best fare to the dealer's room at Cobo Hall, and the panels were enjoyable to those who visited. Even a few wrestling fans were out in force, dressing as their favorite Bullet Club Members. #TooSweet

Enjoy the gallery above, and if you are pictured, feel free to save it - just tag ACRONYM on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter!