White Shag's First Full Length Album Shows Motor City Grit, Heavy Guitar Riffs




By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

With heavy distortion and a gritty Motor City vibe comes White Shag's first full-length album - and yes, it's self-titled. Why? Because it FITS. 

Lead vocalist and Bassist Laura Mendoza leads the charge in what's one of the best women rock voices in the Detroit Music Scene in a grunge fashion, followed by heavy guitar masterminding by Jorge Cortez. And of course, don't forget drummer Joe Leone that keeps up the tempo and supports as a well-oiled machine. 

Cortez shares in the press release that the band has "picked the songs we thought were really the cream of the crop," and it shows by every track leveling out to what could be a great airplay single. 

Out of all the tracks on the album, my personal favorite is the lead track "Voices In My Head." Mendoza's vocals stand out the most in this track, and it's upbeat nature makes your adrenaline take a one-Red-Bull-plus-Death Wish Coffee Binge-type surge in your bloodstream.

The rockabilly type sound that comes from "Midnight Cry" has a definite "TV or Movie soundtrack" vibe. If the TV show Preacher ever needed an establishing jam for a scene, this one would definitely be one I'd endorse. 

Tonight, April 28 - come party with the band and see the music in action at The Magic Bag for their Album Release Party, featuring fellow friends Dirtwolf as the opening act. 

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