Sexual Assault Is Not Okay, And We're Taking A Stand Against It

By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM


In this day and age, it's hard pressed to find someone who doesn't know a person who's been raped or sexually assaulted. And with all of the parties, sex, drugs, and things you can get into in this world, it's no surprise sadly that it happens. But when it happens close to home, to a friend, or a loved one, that's when you start to realize that there's a plaguing situation that needs to be addressed. 

Speaking for myself, Amy Cooper / ACRONYM, I have a few statements to make regarding this event, which is called "Make It RAINN," that I am helping to present along with The Crofoot, Dylan Dulberg, and Marissa Ward:

I've been sexually assaulted more than once.
There are multiple scenarios in which you can be sexually assaulted. Unwanted advances, unwanted touching, someone forcing themselves on you, and of course, rape. Being that I've experienced these things in multiple capacities, I felt the need to stand up. Rape is not okay, assault is not okay.

You shouldn't be told to "brush it under the rug, he was just drunk."
I was told that.
You shouldn't be told that "you could lose your job" if you report your boss.
I chose a paycheck over my safety. 
Someone doesn't have a right to push you against a wall and try to be with you against your consent, and you certainly shouldn't ever have to wake up half naked and sore, wondering if someone went all the way with you. 

All of these things have happened to me, as well as many others OF ALL GENDERS. And it's time to make that change and stop it from happening to others, but also to rehabilitate those who it's happened to.

With this show, we've pledged to throw an event for the ages, and take those proceeds and donate them straight to RAINN, which is the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. They operate a sexual assault hotline and carry out programs to prevent sexual violence, help survivors, and even attempt to get people what they deserve when they perform these acts.  That should be something anyone can get behind.

No Pitchforks Allowed
For those of you who are looking for an explanation as to what "triggered" this decision between myself, Marissa, Dylan, The Crofoot, and others involved in this process, I am not going to make any statements. There are things that have happened in "the local music scene" here that have brought us to this moment, but this show is not a "Fuck That Guy" fest. This is a chance to do something to help people in need, raise money for an organization to help others who need it and to bring people together to know that they are not alone. I hope everyone else follows suit with my statement, including my co-throwers, that this is not about one person. This is about everyone who's experienced this, and if you come through those doors, please come with an open, loving heart, one that asks for consent.


The Lineup: 

Landon Tewers - Stories Untold - Spirit Breaker - Gold Route - Backswing - Dethrone The Deceiver - A Year In New York - You Rest, You Joy Life - The Banshee Pilot - Short Leash - Blank Slate - Novara - Harlow

The Theme: 

This is a Halloween Party. Everyone was stoked and prepped for Halloween, so please come dressed in a costume. 

Sponsors Include: 

Oakland / Macomb County NOW
Dylan Dulberg Photography
Vile Company
Animated Apparel
District 1 Detroit
Suck It Suicide