Set Sail With Dirtwolf's New Album 'Voyage Of The Damned'


By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM


It's hard to find good, hard Rock 'n' Roll anymore that doesn't have a "butt rock" vibe. No hate to the radio, but you hear it all the time. A lot of the bands have the same formula when it comes to songwriting. Well, if you need something to cleanse your palate, take a trip on seven seas with the newest album from Detroit metal band Dirtwolf. 

Recorded at Mt. Doom Studios, Dirtwolf is made up of Stevie Michael on the vocals, Myles McVay and Alex Ellis on guitar, Matt Dalton on Bass (not the Matt Dalton of 37 Studios/Dirtfest), and Lukas JP on the drums. 

Landing on hard guitar riffs, ballad-esque vocal work, and touching on specific themes from the "high seas" titles for each track, as well as throwing certain Detroit-based phrases in the lyrics ("Cyclops Eye" says "The big three killed my baby," which we can only assume is a call back to a 1999 track from The White Stripes), the band holds it's own as both a Motor City Metal band, as well as a band to keep your eyes on. 

Be sure to check out the full album, Voyage of the Damned by visiting the button below - and pick your poison when it comes to the download (we recommend buying it - because #supportinglocalmusic is the best policy). 

If you'd rather pick up a hard copy, Dirtwolf will be playing at The Magic Bag as part of the White Shag Record Release Party this Friday, April 28 at 8PM