PLUS Skateboarding Goes Ground Level: Now Located Street Side!

By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

If you're a Farmington Millennial from the early aughts, or you are a Skateboarder in the Metro Detroit area, chances are you've either heard about, been to, or hung out at PLUS Skateboarding in the Downtown Farmington area (or, if you're real special, you loitered even though you couldn't skateboard well as a pre-teen, like myself). 

Well, "PLUSkateboarding," as it's logo and website reference it, has now moved from it's downstairs cubbie on the corner of Farmington Road and Grand River to a streetside position, next to Evolve Tattoo and Body Art Studio, and across from Basement Burger Bar

The skate shop, which was opened in 2003 by a gentleman named Rob (who, may or may not remember my loitering gaggle of pre-girls, desperately trying to fit in with our Vans and Etnies products around the 2003/2004 era) has stood the test of time, much longer than the local baby-boomer variety had pegged.

Skateboarding wasn't a huge thing in the neighborhood until PLUS came along, but once it did - it became a staple of the environment, way more edgy than the rest of the local businesses. It also facilitated a reason to have a skatepark built on the borders of Farmington / Livonia, which has since been a hot spot, and been visited by legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk. So basically, what I'm trying to say is, without PLUS, skateboarding may have not been nearly as cool in Farmington, at least, in my opinion.

They've been open upstairs for about 3 days as of Saturday, February 25, and I popped my head in with the encouragement of skateboarder Kyle Shernoff, to snag some pictures and alert the troops that PLUS has, in fact, just moved around the corner, and isn't gone. 

Check out the gallery of new digs below, and stop in and say hello!