NeedleBuzz Feature: Loaf, Big Top Tattoo

Photo Courtesy Of Loaf

Photo Courtesy Of Loaf


By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

One of the biggest designs that has come out the last couple of years is Mandala art, but it is always difficult to find an artist who has the precise hand to do something that has such detail. Luckily, the Metro Detroit area has one of the experts in a tattoo artist that hails out of Big Top Tattoo

Josh Vermeesch, AKA Loaf has crafted his way through doing multiple types of tattoos. Though he dabbles in a bit of everything, most of his clients come to him for mandalas, sacred geometry, and pattern work. 

Photo Courtesy Of Loaf

Photo Courtesy Of Loaf

"A client came in and asked if I would do one, and I agreed to, and after doing it and going through the process I really enjoyed it. Did a few more after that and here I am a couple years later," Loaf explains. 

It's easy to see that he's got a handle on it after 7 years in the biz, especially with awards that he's won for sleeves of that nature. He says that his favorite piece happens to be one of the mandala sleeves, and he's stacked awards from the Motor City Tattoo Expo in Detroit, and also the tattoo convention in Chicago. 

The important thing that people always need to realize is that getting the "deal" from your buddy isn't always the best option. Finding someone who has studied the specific type of tattoo you're looking for, and created their process for accomplishing these designs is always going to be your best bet. Someone like Loaf, who's calculated the designs to a T and is a stickler for detail is a must. Within the time that Loaf has been doing tattoo work, he's done quite a few fixes on tattoos done before him - including mandala work. You've got to admit, if someone can try and mend the errors of former designs, that's someone you would label as an expert in the field. 

In addition to working in the shop, Loaf also sells prints of his work, and will be at the following conventions this year: 

Villain Arts Philadelphia Tattoo Convention | Feb 10-12
Motor City Tattoo Expo | Mar 3-5
Villain Art Chicago Rosemont Tattoo Convention | Mar 17-19
Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend | Apr 13-16

Keep up with his work on social media at the following spots, and feel free to drop him a line if you're looking to get some ink done!
Instagram: @tattoosbyloaf
Facebook: /tattoosbyloaf

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