Musicians Respond To Music Scene's Sexual Assault Issue Before "RAINN" Event


By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

In an effort to show the music scene that Sexual Assault is not welcome in connection with the "Make It RAINN" Event at the Crofoot Complex on October 21, I posed the question to the bands on what they feel on the topic of sexual assault and why it's not okay for the music scene, let alone any scene. 

Joe Plonkey of Short Leash responded with this statement:

Firstly, I would like to express my appreciation toward The Crofoot Complex, Dylan Dulberg, Acroynm, and Marissa Ward for giving us the opportunity to raise money and awareness toward eliminating such an unfortunately strong existent issue. The music scene is a great way to be able to express these types of things. It is no secret, there has been some people in the music scene that have slithered their way in equipped with the history and the intention to do nothing but harm. What I believe is so beautiful about the Michigan hardcore, pop punk, post-hardcore, etc. scene is that we pull together fests and things much like this to stand tall against these people, and we do not welcome them. I would like to emphasize the fact that, yes, sexual violence is not tolerated in the music scene; but why think so small? As a community, i think of it as standing together face to face against sexual violence globally. Having run ins with sexual abusers through music is never a great sight to see. However, uniting and letting them know to not come within the city of the venue, is an absolutely beautiful thing that I believe Michigan has  to be proud of. I would like to urge readers to not only fight the battle against sexual violence, but to engage others in suiting up and taking what is ours in the music scene, and in the world. Through unity, through determination, and through a firm expression of intolerance toward sexual abuse, I truly believe that fest like these can promote and make an immense impact in fighting against sexual abuse. I hope to see a room full of kids losing their minds, building friendships, and raising money and awareness with intention to eliminate sexual abuse.  

You Rest, You Joy Life also had a group response: 

Sexual assault is a huge problem that occurs in every industry, but the music industry has fallen victim to it in a severe fashion and has been a major issue that has been swept under the rug by the men in charge for years, since its inception. The fact that people are finally beginning to hold those who abuse others accountable is both important and necessary, but there is much more work to be done. It’s important for those with a platform to speak out against sexual assault (and abuse in all forms) and to remove those who abuse their place and platform in the industry and community to hurt and exploit others. Whether you’re an artist, fan, promoter, or tour manager, it is your responsibility as a member of this community to stay vigilant and protect those who cannot protect themselves. You Rest, You Joy Life’s voice is fledgling, but we all understand the importance of keeping this community a safe space for all involved and we hope that by participating in this event (and many others) we can use whatever platform we do have to encourage those with more influential voices to continue acting against predators, and to spread the word that sexual assault and abuse will not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form.

Dethrone The Deciever

"We wanted to play this show because we really support the cause. None of us think a woman or man should ever have to experience any kind of sexual assault. It's something that can ruin a person from the inside out and NOBODY deserves that."


The event is Saturday, October 21 (This Weekend) at The Crofoot Complex in Downtown Pontiac. Tickets to the show can be purchased through their website, and if you cannot attend, please feel free to purchase a ticket anyway. All the proceeds from the event are going to RAINN, the Nation's Largest Anti-Sexual Violence Organization.