Ferndale Pride 2017 Shares A Safe Space For All




By: Amy Cooper

I am frustrated that the world can't be like Pride Festivals. Where we are told we are in a safe space. Where we can walk hand in hand with the people we love, men with men, women with women, and men and women without being hated, discriminated, and demonstrated against.

Where every color, every sex, every type of person, young to old, can just be THEMSELVES.

Ferndale creates a little nook of what they want to be a safe space every day. The Mayor even said so during a Love March in 2016. So while we hope for the day that we can truly walk the streets without prejudice, we will try to create our own spaces around us to do that very thing. Starting with Pride Month.

With Natalie Cole leading a stellar Drag Show that not only empowered the people who love a good theatrical show, but also those who desire to wear clothes of the "opposite sex." Some of these Drag Queens not only had better moves, but looked a million times better than some women typically do - while the Drag Kings kicked ass getting the crowd moving to their tunes. Some performers are even of the famed Gigi's, to which Cole implored the crowd to "Support their local clubs," because they are all "closing like hot cakes."

Aside from the stunning Drag Show, the highlight of the day had to be Tunde Olaniran. Though I had seen him before at the Flint Eastwood Fisher Building Show, it was great to see him command a crowd of new people to his music and to watch everyone hang on his every word. He closed his set out with his song "Namesake," which is an empowering anthem, saying "If I can be me, then you can be yourself." He also invited a crowd of people to come up on stage and twerk with him, which was both hilarious and glorious. 

Check out the video of the end of the set here, and be sure to click through the gallery to get yourself pumped for Motor City Pride, which runs this weekend on the 10 & 11.