Detroit Respect Gives Back With Artist Pop-Up Galleries

IG Pop-Up Gallery Promotional Photo Photographer: Stephen Crosson

IG Pop-Up Gallery Promotional Photo
Photographer: Stephen Crosson


By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

The great thing about Detroit is that there is a good chunk of us that like to work together to make it a better place. And when we do collaborate, some creativity happens on great levels of magnitude. Detroit Respect is one of the many companies that pairs a few artists together at a time for a good cause to showcase their abilities. 

Photographer: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

Photographer: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

The creator and curator of what is called the IG Pop-Up Gallery, Colin McConnell of Detroit Respect, shares that he started doing these events a year ago because of his love for the photographers he loves in the city that he's come in contact with because of Instagram. 

"I was surprised when talking to photographers that they never had their work featured at a show.  I wanted to do an event that showcased local photographers, letting them sell their work, helping out a charity, and supporting a local establishment to throw the event." says McConnell. 

McConnell shares that some of the talented artist that have been included in previous events are Stephanie Hume (@Steph_rhoades), Tony Bennett (@Tony.Bennett), Monica Manning (@Monica.manning), Bruce Giffin (@giffinbruce), Mishira Cha Cha Davis (@cha2times), as well as participating himself (@ColinDetroit) and they have donated portions of the proceeds to Playworks Detroit and the Eimers Foundation.

For the past 2 events, the Pop-Up Gallery was held at Dessert Oasis Coffee Shop, but they are switching it up for this event, showcasing the artwork at Atwater Brewery. This month's artists include ACRONYM (Amy Cooper, @acronymdetroit), Crosson Photography (Stephen Crosson, @crossoniam), and Pat Eisenberg (@pateisenphoto). 

We caught up with Stephen Crosson to see how he felt about being included in this month's event and what it means to him to help by showcasing his work for a cause:

"I've never been apart of a gallery, so to be a part of something that not only gives me a chance to display my work, puts me alongside other great visionaries and doubles as a cause to help others in need, it would be a disservice to pass it up."


The event will be held at Atwater Brewery on Friday, January 27 from 5-9, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Children's Tumor Foundation. McConnell notes that if you'd like to be considered for an IG Pop-Up in the future, be sure to hashtag your photos on Instagram #DetroitRespect and he will be able to see your work!

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