From The Dark Corners In The Mind Of Niki Urban

Photos Courtesy of Niki Urban

Photos Courtesy of Niki Urban


By: Amy Cooper // ACRONYM

People curate their talent based on what they find interesting, but some people are born to do the artwork that comes from their fingers, minds, and souls. That is what you will find looking at Niki Urban and her extensive collection of artwork. 

Art, whether it be within music, drawing, or mixed media has always been a second nature to Urban, who has created a new world of her own, each piece having it's own special format. Never cliche, never identical. 

Photo Courtesy Of Niki Urban

Photo Courtesy Of Niki Urban

The muted tones that she plays with creates a depth that draws you in. Some of Urban's inspirations come from gloomy days, and some come from music, fantasy, and late Middle Ages artwork and literature. "I am profoundly influenced by the gothic artwork and architecture from my childhood memories from Poland, so I do like to reference that in my work."

Urban shares, "I used to possess a deep interest in the occult but am now moving away from that direction. While there are purposeful, sometimes [there are] abstract ideas behind each piece, [and] there are no intentional stories involved. I like to keep things obscure in a way that the meaning is not immediately apparent to the viewer."

With much of her work, the detail is very fine tuned, which has a large part of why Urban uses ink pens primarily. It allows her to maintain her precision, and she feels that "looking at hundreds of lines moving harmoniously across the paper is so pleasing..."

She dabbles in other mediums, for example charcoal, but her most challenging, she feels, is oil painting. Some of her coolest pieces is a hybrid of ink pen and drawing on bones of animals (pictured at top) where you can see both the detail of her line work and the detail of the bone.

As of right now, she sells prints on her website,, and can also be contacted for other pieces. Be sure to follow her on her social channels, Facebook and Instagram for chances to see more of her amazing artwork as well as keep up to date with her giveaways. 

Check out her work in the gallery here, and be sure to check out her most recent contest below:

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