5 Cannabis-Themed Gifts To Snag For Your Toker This Season




By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

'Tis the season to by jolly, and what better than to get started on your Holiday Shopping list! But out of all the people on your list, are your Marijuana supporters the hardest to shop for? If so, we've got you covered. Some of the best gadgets, products, and more are listed below, and would be perfect as big gifts, or even stocking stuffers for your weed enthusiast this year. 




Is your person a travelin' stoner? ResCaps are one of the best ways to seal up your glass water pipes, steamrollers, and other weed-smoking accessories, to keep everything clean and contaminate free. They are made of silicon so that makes them easliy cleanable, recyclable, and protects your pieces from bumps and cracks. You can pick them up here




For those of you who have followed me for a while, you know I'm a huge lover and advocate for CannaSmack, and have photographed 4/6 of these shots myself for their company. Not only do I love all of the chapstick flavors, I am ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with the Day Tripper Delight lotion. I also collected testimonials back in June from some of the users (read here), including one who has allergies to most everything, but can use the Plain Mary Jane lotion because it's for sensitive skin. Even cooler, they now have a skincare line, to go along with all the other products they offer, so this is definitely one company you need to try! You can snag their products at


Magical Butter


Are your friends or family into edible treats? This Magical Butter machine is phenomenal. It's a botanical extractor which is designed to help you suck the properties out of the product, and putting it into multiple forms, whether it be lotions, oil, grain alcohol, and of course, butter. This one, I can even help you out with, as I did a video tutorial for how easy it is to use, as well as helping you snag money off purchasing the machine. Just use my link below, and you can get money off your purchase!




You know how Cigars need Humidors? Well, weed could use one as well! The Cannador helps to control humidity, maintain freshness, and preserve the taste of your bud, and even helps you travel with your strains! There's short and long-term storage, as well as a sensor that is controlled via app on the levels of your Cannador. Peep all they have to offer on


The Original Nuggy


I call this "the Swiss Army Knife for Stoners." The Nuggy is one of the coolest tools I've ever got to play with, and it's full of useful tools for all different types of smokers. From roach clips, to scissors, to a tool that helps you clean your bong, this thing has everything, including a mini-light to help you see what you're doing. This is a must-have and would be a killer stocking stuffer for your puffer. Snag it here