Red Bull Hart Lines Brings Detroit Skateboarding To Center Of Hart Plaza




By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

Red Bull's Hart Lines competition is a summer staple for Detroit skateboarding, and it kicked 11AM on May 13 with a bang. The MC's talked about the resurgence of the city and the different vibe that the city gives off now that it's pulled itself up by it's bootstraps. 

The announcers also pointed out that many of the skaters took on The Wig this week, which is a local DIY skateboarding park in the Cass Corridor area. One can only hope that this nod will lead Red Bull to help us save the park if enough people hit them up on social media to inform them of the goings-on.  As some of you know, the City of Detroit is redeveloping the land and hoping to make that a residential area.

During the kick off this morning, one of PluSkateboarding's athletes took in a win during the best trick competition, prior to the qualifiers competition. 

Ryan Sheckler, one of the athletes for the competition helped create the course this year, and it seems to be a winner. Another cool part about the ramps is this year, there was a lot of decoration that said "Detroit" in the background, further exposing our cool urban landscape to the world.

Another great thing to note is the competition this year is that there was a girl among all the guys skating. Leticia Bufoni, who hails from Brazil took her run down the course, which made the MC's need to adjust their announcing - changing their words to "he or she" - which was a big win for the chick skaters of the world. 

If you missed today's event, be sure to mark it in your calendar next year, and check out the gallery of pictures below of the morning's events: