The Detroit People Mover set is different than anything I have ever worked on before because I curated every model based on people who I considered a driving force in Detroit. Every person somehow has impacted the community, whether it be art, music, or philanthropy. Read about every person and what they bring to the table below. 


Josh Kassabian
Musician, Tattoo Artist

They say never judge a book by it's cover, but somehow we all do. There was something about him though that stood out, under all the tattoos. Though his skin tells a story, it wouldn't be the one you'd guess. There's so much you can learn about a person, but when you get that rare glimpse inside what makes them tick, you always get more than you bargained for. 

I chose Josh, not only for edgy Detroit look, but his drive. I find many people don't have the desire to always keep growing, and I see that in him, and with that, makes him a representative of Detroit strength.

Jade Springart
Radio Personality, 101 WRIF

Detroit tried to claim a hustle mentality, but few know what that truly means. Some days, that means missing out on a bonfire, or a hang out, or just a moment to relax, while building something bigger than yourself.

That hustle is something I see and greatly admire in Jade. At 19, she broke into a high energy industry, and has been at it for 8 years, and for that, I proclaim her a Detroit People Mover. 

Damien Millen
Photographer, Urban Explorer

The world is full of judgmental people. People who spew anger and hatred, but don't see the damages. And then, you come across someone who you can let your guard down with - where all that callousness goes away and you have clarity. A calm, and open presence.

I dub Damien a Detroit People Mover because he is one of those people that no matter what, you can say what you think, speak your mind, release your stresses, and he doesn't wait for his turn to speak. We all need that listener in our lives, for it's the listeners that raise up the weak, and fuel the strong. 

Julia Lepedi

Radio Personality, 98.7 AMP Radio

As we get older, we tend to lose our sense of childlike wonder. Adult life tends to do that to us, somehow, and we forget how to have fun. But then you come across that one person that lives their life so colorful, so vibrant, that you remember what it's like to live again.

I see that in Julia. Her personalty is as bright as her hair color, and everyone needs that someone in their life to infuse the hues back into their being. So, I grant Julia the honor of being called a DETROIT PEOPLE MOVER, because she's the brightness we all need in our hearts. 

Arturo Rivera Jr

A guiding light is needed, with a positive beam. A ray of hope in an otherwise dark place. He dwells in the dark because he thrives in it, but I don't think it was until this moment that I knew why - it was because he is the light. He is the sun in that dark place. 

When I get in a mental jam, when I am feeling less than who I really am, he is there. I could say terrible things about someone, and he could find the positive in the scale. He knows that everything will always work out, and takes leaps of faith that I've never seen. And he visualizes like nobody I've ever known. That is why he is the director. A Detroit People Mover.

Eric Vincent
Radio Personality Channel 95.5, 1130 WDFN

Comic relief is not something that everyone is capable of. You lose that with the redundancy of life. For some, being funny is the only way to live. A constant calling card. 

A joke that is said at the right time is everything, but behind all of that, it's Charisma. Few people lack the proper identity to be a triple threat. But it's that comic relief, intelligence, and grind mode that makes Eric a DETROIT PEOPLE MOVER. He can do anything he sets his mind to, and will do it with the biggest smile and the slyest joke - because being that charismatic, comic relief is every essence of him - and the city is lucky to get to witness him.

Samantha Y. Anderson

Art Instructor, Painter, Dancer

Sam is what I like to call "The Triple Threat." Not because she's scary by any means, but rather, she's multi-talented. Between being able to create flawless shapes when dancing to creating even more beautiful objects with a paint brush, Sam is one of the most creative people I've randomly come in contact with. And what's the third thing, you ask? Her spirit. 

It is rare that you find someone as genuine, kind hearted, and talented all in one person, and with that, I'm glad to have met Sam, and be able to call her a Detroit People Mover. 


Staying on your grind is not something that everyone can do. Most people need breaks - or think they need them. But the true definition of a hustler is someone who can keep their mind right, and lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps in their dream. That's Jay OhSo. 

One of Southwest's most driven treasures - Jay OhSo embodies that grind. It's a no sleep atmosphere, and his mind is always working - becoming more lethal and multi-faceted as the days tick on. Keep your eyes out for this one, he's definitely a DETROIT PEOPLE MOVER. 

Felicia Fullwood
Photographer, Urban Explorer

Just a little over a year ago, a girl changed her complete situation in life, just by being inspired by others before her. Utilizing Instagram as a tool to meet new people, Felicia connected with an explorer and took her first trip to The Packard Plant, and after that, her entire life changed. What’s great about Felicia, is that even though she’s seen almost every rooftop in the city with her own two eyes, and has climbed the ball on top of the Penobscot Building, she’s remained extremely humble. In the world of explorers, every photographer gathers haters, but Felicia doesn’t let that get to her. She just keeps climbing higher, seeing Detroit within her own eyes, and sharing it with the world - making sure they know it’s as beautiful as the photographs. That type of tenacity makes Felicia a Detroit People Mover. 

PHYBR | Ken Dushane III
Mural Artist, Grafitti Artist

With an oversaturated Detroit-centric world of "artists," we tend to lose sight of real talent, and what it truly means to be a creator of magnificent pieces. Then you come across someone you truly inspires you. A person who's raw talent comes from a physical pen, paint, brush, or pencil. 

On multiple occasions, I've watched Ken, AKA PHYBR sketch, paint, spray, and generate some of the most mind blowing, creative, and out of this world pieces. Hands down, out of all of the artists I've met in this city, Ken's work is the most influential and raw artwork I've seen, which is why I dub him and his creative abilities a DETROIT PEOPLE MOVER. 

Lynn Koon
On-Air Personality, 101 WRIF

Dedication and drive aren't something you find in everyone, and what's sad is that it goes overlooked quite a bit of the time. But then, someone comes along that embodies all of those things, and you can't help but take notice. So today, we notice Lynn.

As a radio personality, Lynn is always devoted to the bit, exceedingly funny, and quite frankly, is a sassy badass, but what people fail to realize is that she gives up her nights when she could be out with friends to spend with the City of Detroit. Doing her job and keeping Detroit Rock City company as she MC's the nightlife, Lynn becomes a voice of certainty in a night of uncertain fates. For this, and many reasons more, Lynn is a DETROIT PEOPLE MOVER. 

Maciejka "Em" Gorzelnik
Photographer& Designer, Resident Canadian

People Movers aren’t born, they are made. It also doesn’t necessarily mean you're from Detroit initially. When you are a Canadian, you see much of what Detroit has to over from across the river, and if you’re adventurous enough, you just might cross the water and not want to return. This is where Maciejka comes in as the Detroit Built Canadian. 

With no judgement, she crossed over the bridge, open to finding a world of possibilities in the city, and it turned into a vast love affair with Detroit and wanting to become a U.S. Citizen. Urban exploring adventures, electronic music shows, eccentric food or booze (and sometimes some White Castle), she began to realize that even when she’d go home at night in Windsor, she still felt like her heart was in Detroit. 

Maybe because we’ve lived in the U.S. so long, we feel jaded to our patriotism, but what is astounding to watch about Maciejka is how enthralled she is with American Culture, and how she’s willing to reformat the life she knows as a Canadian to become a citizen, and to give back to our economy and love of the city. That makes her an honorary citizen of the heart and soul, a Detroit People Mover.

Sadie Quagliotto
Journalist, Co-Founder of Hip In Detroit

Jacquelynn Micciche
Model, Gypsy

People always look at the word “unapologetic” as a negative word. That it means that you are stubborn or unyielding. But in all actuality, being an unapologetic person – especially in the terms of being WHO you are, that takes courage and strength. When people talk about precious stones or strong metals, they all are forged under great pressure or applied with fire. I think people are the same way, which is how I view Sadie Quagliotto. 

When I finally had the chance to meet Sadie – I realized she was a force to be reckoned with. Not only does she have a killer smile and the confidence to match, her tenacity and self-reliance was so much like how I strived to be, that I had assumed that somehow I would find a way to piss her off automatically, coming from us both being journalists in a “competitive field.” I was very wrong – and I am used to women pitting women against women for the sake of trying to get ahead. Sadie is not that person, and she never will be. 

Sadie and I have a unique bond of being powerful women – and that is intimidating, to both women and men. They aren’t always used to someone who isn’t a shrinking violet, who will speak their mind, and will hold their ground. And for the longest time, I thought there was something wrong with me because I seemed to be the only one I knew like that. But meeting Sadie, and being able to call her “my friend,” and someone I can trust, I’ve never looked up to someone so much. And it’s with that powerful, tough, unapologetic, hardcore, bad ass bitch attitude that I dub Sadie a Detroit People Mover, because whether it’s with Hip In Detroit, or her daily life – she’s got no qualms of being herself. And that is a Detroiter, through and through.

The gypsy life is something I’ve always admired. A person who can pick up and travel, live wherever they please. But even within the biggest of gypsy hearts – there’s something they always desire: a home. For Jacquelynn, that is Detroit.

She’s told stories of Miami, Georgia, and places she’s come to love – but for every place that Jacquelynn has been – she returns to Detroit. She returns every time because it’s home. She loves to see the colors change in fall, loves the brisk air that comes with it – and the beauty that lies within the city – even with it’s dark pockets.

We as a fast pace culture take our homes so much for granted. As she’s told me before, “We’re lucky to have a roof over our head, and the causal nature to walk into the kitchen to eat, but some don’t.” And though people will judge a beautiful girl for many things, Jacquelynn will give someone her last $20 so they don’t go hungry, and would gladly give the shirt off her back to a stranger just so they aren’t cold. She cares and she understands – when in most cases, people will just ignore, and walk away.

Someone with a gypsy heart knows that same feeling. That need for normalcy, and a place they can rest their head – and for that notion, Jacquelynn’s is Detroit – because she moves it, and it moves her right back. 


Adam Gibbons

Owner of Detroit People Mover

The Man With The Plan - Mr. Adam Gibbons. He is a DETROIT PEOPLE MOVER because he IS THE REASON the #DPMFam exists. This guy works harder than anyone I know, from printing, to cutting the tags, to piecing it all together, to sharing it with the people he loves and cares about in the city. He's been letting me make a face for the family by shooting everyone wearing the line, but this is the true face of it all - even if he is reluctant to let me snap it! You're the best Adam! Always keep that faith in people, it's what makes you a Detroit People Mover. 


Jay OhSo - "Let You Know" Music Video

This was actually when Jay OhSo was awarded his DPM shirt - and he was able to use it in his music video for "Let You Know." Shortly after, he modeled again in a Detroit Tiger's Themed Version. 

RIFF 2 Weekly Reveal
with Jade Springart and Erica Banas

RIFF2 Weekly Reveal Broadcast in which Jade Springart from WRIF/RIFF2 talks about her experience modeling with ACRONYM for Detroit People Mover.

ACRONYM  |  Amy Cooper
Photographer, #DPMFam Ambassador

When I stepped into “The Garage,” I wasn’t entirely sure where my focus was going to go on Detroit People Mover. My expectations of shooting a clothing line were A. Get the clothes. B. Shoot the clothes creatively. C. Edit and Post. I ended up spending 3 hours or so talking to Adam, the owner of DPM, and upon leaving, we’d come across the importance of what Detroit People Mover meant to not only Adam, but myself. 

You see, a turntable is a vessel. It’s not just signifying techno. A turntable is not classified as one genre’s expediter. A turntable is not racist, partial, or any of those things. It is a tool to play someone else’s expression of music. So when the ink goes through a screen, pressed with care and applied with a squeegee, the Detroit People Mover shirt itself becomes a vessel of it’s own. 

I never expected to back a line so vigorously. The thing is, this one is different. It’s more than a piece of clothing. When I started this project over a year ago, I took it one step further than anyone had thought it could go, and began highlighting people who I deemed a Detroit People Mover. The definition of that: Someone talented, who goes the extra mile, who cares not only about the city, but also the people in it. 

As I built up this family from my side of the spectrum, I created friendships I never thought that would exist across channels. Not only did I make people aware of these tremendous talents of the city, but I created channels of communication. When one of my choices as a People Mover sees another on a street, they already have a bond, because they are a part of something bigger. They are a collective, an arsenal of directors, photographers, tattoo artists, renaissance men and women. Hustlers, grinders, voices of our generation. Voices of Detroit. 

Adam told me that he wanted a profile of me at some point, like I had with the rest of my People Movers, but I can’t knowingly talk myself up without feeling vain. I’ve never been the greatest at taking compliments, and though Social Media may paint me as an amplifier, a loudmouth, and a “gives no f***ks mentality,” I am extremely humble.

The best I can offer is this, which goes back to my definition of a People Mover: “Someone talented, who goes the extra mile, who cares not only about the city, but also the people in it.” I seek out creatives, amazing people, and people who embody the qualities of someone special. Someone who can’t see those things in themselves everyday, and I take that photograph to capture their essence in time. I then put my words into some form of poetry, and honor their spirit and soul in the best way I know how. 

That in itself, I bare my soul, my feelings, and my heart, as well as my love to the People that I admire and aspire to be, and to be golden in their eyes. If that doesn’t make me a Detroit People Mover, I don’t know what does.