Rest In Peace, Maci Delaghetto


By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

In this Detroit music scene, we sometimes get carried away treating local artists like shit. We sling opinions, we diss each other behind each other's backs. We have our own objectives. We're not always as kind as we pretend to be. And many weren't kind to Maci Delaghetto

So many slanderous things were said about her from many people - and if you knew her, you knew that. But what matters is when a person is gone, you realize they were just that: a person.

It doesn't matter how they went, why they went, but if it's early, it's always going to hurt, even if you are the farthest removed.

As time went on, we saw many phases of Maci, but this is the one I hope that people will remember: the one that loved to perform, and loved to smile.

Goodnight girl, sleep well.