NEW DETROIT MUSIC ALERT: Carmen, Lorenzo Burez

By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

Everyone will support a celeb on their grind, but it's time to lift those up who are on their hustle on the local level. That's why we back them when some sneaks into our ears! 

Two EP's dropped this weekend and they both are climbers for the next big things coming out of Detroit. Check them out below, and listen to the tracks! 


If you've been looking for the next thing to listen to after you've worn out Solange or SZA, Carmen will be the one to fill your void. With low-key rap and pop vibes, she's an ultra star just looking to flow. Her EP 'DIY' is on SoundCloud now, with other platforms coming soon. 

Lorenzo Burez | 'How It All Started'

People like to act like Drake is weak, but when it comes to having a flow up similar to Drake's starting mixtape, that's what makes Lorenzo Burez something to keep your eye on. With chill beats and slick verses, and Detroit life references, this will be your new favorite Detroit Rap EP in no time. 

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