Jack White Drops A New Track Called "Battle Cry"

By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

Out of nowhere, Jack White has released a new track called "Battle Cry." What's interesting is the track has zero singing involved, and it's just some wicked guitar playing, and is sort of darker that what we're used to coming from the former lead of The White Stripes

Check it out here:

Though we'd like to hope that this release was a statement against what's going on Politically, it in fact, is the soundtrack to a video for the sporting goods line called Warstic, in which Jack is a co-owner, according to Consequence of Sound.

The video stars MLB's Ian Kinsler of the Detroit Tigers, as well as Jack White, in a tale of a warrior and hunter going against their greatest fear. And while everyone is picking their brains as to why this was released today, it's probably because of the fact that today is the Home Opener / Opening Day for the Tigers.  Check it out below.

So Jack, can we get a flagship store here? Maybe somewhere in Brush Park so it's not near Third Man Records but is close to Comerica Park?