8 Detroit Artists That Are Coming For Your Playlist

Flint Eastwood in the Fisher Building Lobby, 2017. (Amy Cooper / ACRONYM)

Flint Eastwood in the Fisher Building Lobby, 2017. (Amy Cooper / ACRONYM)


By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

Detroit gets a bad rap for what the mainstream media sees. And even though many would like to apply that we’re only known for artists like Kid Rock and Eminem, they forget that this city gave birth to extremely talented artists like Jack White and the late JDilla.

Peep the up and coming artists that are going to assault their way into your Spotify Playlists and elevate your eardrums below.

Flint Eastwood

With unique flows and anthems that power the feminist go-getter, Flint Eastwood is challenging the stereotypes of female rock in the alternative genre. With a mix of Indie-Fantasy with powerful melodic verses, singer Jax Anderson creates a new world with her songs as well as the visuals that accompany them.

VIDEO: Flint Eastwood - “Queen”



In the world of Underground Rap, there are few and far between that could be seen as unique with the subject matter, or lack of a better term “Trap Rap.” Fausto happens to be one of the artists that are fueled by coffee and whiskey, as well as his Charles Bukowski-type vision on the world.

VIDEO: Fausto - "White Marble"



Don’t pin females against other females - that’s rule number one, but if we could compare what we’d consider Kaleido to remind us of, it would be No Doubt. Their sound has taken them on large range tours, and even as an opening act, they leave you wanting more of something we’ve not seen in quite a long time.

VIDEO: Kaleido - “Trouble In Paradise”


Jay OhSo

Few people can throw down a freestyle that is lyrically poetic, but if you challenged Jay OhSo to one, his quickness of wit rivals some of the big names in rap today, as well as being able to come up with calculated earworms that would be radio-worthy.

VIDEO: Jay OhSo - “The Intro”


Awkward Theory

There is no sound around that is as eclectic as Awkward Theory. The combination of rap flows from DeMacio Soto with Gabriel Duran’s signature melodic voice and extensive ways around his guitar, leaves you craving for a full-length album immediately.

VIDEO: Awkward Theory - “No Vacancy”


Twin Cousin

We’re known as “Detroit Rock City,” but we are also the city that forefronts the birth of Techno. Under the umbrella of sick artists like Kevin Saunderson or Golf Clap, the artists formerly known as separate entities of Doug English and Ross Regs combined as Twin Cousin just might be the next set of DJs that you’ll need to keep your eye on.

SOUND: Twin Cousin - “Extrapolate”  (Free Download)



Say what you want about “Butt Rock,” everyone secretly likes a rock song with grit and kicks off their adrenaline. Wilson is a cut above vocally and holds their own in Active Rock bands in the area, and honestly could rank high on anyone’s gym playlist, as well as any great sports promo.

VIDEO: Wilson - “Right To Rise”


Jake Webb & The Commitments

For those of you who enjoy Frank Turner, we’ve got someone new for you to cut your teeth on. Jake Webb (and occasionally, his band, The Commitments) have a sound that is comparable to the great Frank Turner, but with its own signature Folk sound that would be great to add to any coffee drinking, chill playlist.


Which artist do you hope to hear more from? Is there an artist we missed that you know of? Sound off in the comments!

Amy Cooper is a photographer and journalist from the Detroit area, with an interest in tattoos, nerd-topics, and music. Drop her a line on social media at @acronymdetroit!