8 Detroit Artists That Are Coming For Your Playlist

Peep the up and coming artists that are going to assault their way into your Spotify Playlists and elevate your eardrums, straight from the Dirty D. 

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Jack White Drops A New Track Called "Battle Cry"

Out of nowhere, Jack White has released a new track called "Battle Cry." What's interesting is the track has zero singing involved, and it's just some wicked guitar playing, and is sort of darker that what we're used to coming from the former lead of The White Stripes. 

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Twin Cousin Gives The Gift Of Free Music With "Badness"

In honor of hitting milestones like conquering social media, and the fact that they will be on deck for Movement 2017, Twin Cousin (The Hybrid Brainchild known as Doug English & Ross Regs) have released a song called "Badness" that you can now download for free, via Soundcloud. 

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Third Man Records Detroit Opens Their Vinyl Pressing Plant


By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

For those of you that are record enthusiasts and happen to love some pretty slick music, Third Man Records' pressing plant is now officially open!

Last night, society's who's-who got to get the first peek, before the masses showed up today to get their first glimpse of what THR is going to offer now that they can make records on site. According to a photo posted by fellow photographer Sal Rodriguez, people were camped out last night in hopes of being first in line. 

Some of the cool things in store for your visit are the open windows where you can view the records being made, as well as locally printed vinyl sleeves printed by Essential Screen Printing (ESP), located in Eastern Market.

Keeping things local, Third Man Records released a video of what they hope to accomplish for this pressing plant, including creating 50 livable wage jobs in the area, and helping to revitalize the city. Considering all the local businesses that will benefit from this, especially in the Cass Corridor, it's safe to say that Third Man Records is going to bring a lot of awesome tidings to the area, as well as bring people into the local businesses around the pressing plant like Jolly Pumpkin, Motor City Brewing Works, the already highly in demand Shinola, and City Bird

For the opening this morning, on February 25, there was a line at 10AM that streamed down the alley all the way to where Avalon International Breads is located, and people possessing their Third Man Record coin (a golden ticket of sorts from the THR vault package, I believe) seemed to be getting a first peek before the standard consumers. Boy, does that cement so many jokes about Jack White being Detroit's Willy Wonka.

Check out the then-live video on location, as well as the gallery below of some of today's festivities outside the event. Hopefully when the hype dies down, we can update ACRONYM readers with photos of what's inside, since it was too cold in the D for this reporter to stick around. 

To keep tabs on the going's on at the event, head over to the TMR Facebook Page

Happy Birthday Asher Perkins!

Siobhan McKinney, Photo Via Facebook

Siobhan McKinney, Photo Via Facebook


By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

Happy Birthday to one of Detroit's best DJ's, Mr. Asher Perkins

In honor of Asher's Birthday, we are jamming out to his set from November when he played in Germany at Gewölbe. Check it out below, and celebrate with us!

Don't forget to check him out at his next two events, Late Night: swipe LEFT on February 11, and at The Whiskey Disco on February 25.

DETROIT NEW | Fausto - "Invitationonly"




By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

If you're into the local Detroit rap scene, you should know Fausto. If you don't, you will now. 

Producing multiple songs, a full album entitled 'Coffee With The Gods', and tons of music videos with directors like Arturo Rivera, Jerry Reid and Diego Cruz, Fausto's been at it for quite a few years. Still picking at flows, and perfecting his rhymes, he's working on a new set of jams for us to take in and create with. 

Check out his most recent song on Spotify called "Invitationonly" and keep an eye out for a music video for the highly anticipated song "White Marble" dropping soon. 

DETROIT MUSIC | Tee Grizzley - First Day Out

By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

A unique spitter lands in the body of Tee Grizzley, who dropped this song after just getting out of jail, according to XXLMag. Already getting comparisons to Meek Mill, and being grouped into the classes of Detroit Rappers Big Sean, Danny Brown, Dej Loaf, and Icewear Vezzo, this is a rapper to keep tabs on, if you're not already. 

Check out the video here:

Rest In Peace, Maci Delaghetto


By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

In this Detroit music scene, we sometimes get carried away treating local artists like shit. We sling opinions, we diss each other behind each other's backs. We have our own objectives. We're not always as kind as we pretend to be. And many weren't kind to Maci Delaghetto

So many slanderous things were said about her from many people - and if you knew her, you knew that. But what matters is when a person is gone, you realize they were just that: a person.

It doesn't matter how they went, why they went, but if it's early, it's always going to hurt, even if you are the farthest removed.

As time went on, we saw many phases of Maci, but this is the one I hope that people will remember: the one that loved to perform, and loved to smile.

Goodnight girl, sleep well.

New Music | Jake Webb & The Commitments - "Spilled Tea"

By: Amy Cooper, ACRONYM

For those who enjoy some Frank Turner, we've got our very own in our backyard! 

Jake Webb & The Commitments have released a new song called "Spilled Tea" which will be on their upcoming album "Scenes & Measures," which will be released this summer.

Take a listen here, and don't forget to follow them on Facebook!