The "DETROIT | GOTHAM" photo set stems from everyone calling Detroit "The Real Gotham City."

Despite the fact that New York is always known for being Gotham, and the fact that a lot of the Christopher Nolan Batman Series was filmed in Chicago, Detroit still has the reputation for criminal activity. I used to fight this notion, but as time has gone on, I decided to embrace it, creating a backdrop for my scene, my version of Gotham. 



We don't know a ton about June Moon, Enchantress's birth given name, other than she went to a party and ended up being cursed and ripped apart by the good and evil sides of her personality. She seems to have some form of water birth, as well, which is where we lay our scene.

"Enchantress" - Amber Wagel

Photographer: ACRONYM
Makeup Artist: Amber Wagel
Wardrobe: ACRONYM; Amber Wagel