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Late Night Saturday W/ Norm Talley 2AM (Technically Sunday) Sept. 2

Secret Location! 

Late Night Saturday (Technically Sunday) Doors open at 2am. Come get down to Norm Talley all night. You already know and if you don't messageZay Crescendo or FSDY Detroit for location.

Norm Talley [Upstairz Asylum | Mixmode Detroit]


Known as the Silent Warrior of the deep and funky sound of dance music, Norm Talley has slowly yet steadily become a staple in the ears of dancefloor addicts in Detroit. Consistency would be an understatement. 

Norm Talley shares a history as part of the West 6 Mile Detroit breed that came of age during the last days of Disco, and spent his teen years reveling in the New Age that was the early 1980s. He was an active member in the movement that was Electronic Music in Detroit. Yet, like his current partners, Norm's roots remain in Soul, Funk and Disco - rendering his DJ style one of soulful, vocal melodies laced over infectious percussion, and those undeniable bass lines that distinguish the Beat Down Sound from a sea of others - with the occasional Afrobeat rhythm of course.

He is also known as the Gospel House guru. The "Detroit Beatdown" series for Third Ear would be Norm's first major compilation directorial as he and partner, Mike Clark, recruit and filter tracks that fit the Beatdown Sound for this overseas label's successful project. 

Since the release of the original volume, Norm Talley has also produced 12" remixes and single tracks for the "Beatdown Sessions" sub-series also on Third Ear, along with fellow re-mixers, Mike Huckaby and Bubz in the attic. The year 2007 brought about a DJ residency at a Legendary Jazz Club called Floods which hosts a live band on one side and a DJ on the other side in downtown Detroit playing jazzy soulful house!!! 

Norm Talley plans future projects with Thema recordings, Mixmode recordings, Clone, Strictly Beatdown, FXHE, NDATL, ATAXIA remixes on Leftroom recordings, the new SENECA ST. PROJECT, Detroit Vinyl Room & new 12" for Motor City Wine. New releases available on vinyl and digital. 

The Silent Warrior may have infected a dancefloor near you, and you didn't even know it was him, because - well, he's not really a talker...he's a maestro.

21+ dAnCeAlLnIgHtDeTrOiT

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