You Don't Have To Be A Size Zero To Be Beautiful

Now, I'll be the first to admit that when I look at myself, I'm not the hugest fan. I believe that partially, being a Photographer and a Woman can cause a lot of non-positivism when it comes to my body. I know what I'd edit on me in Photoshop, because I Photoshop things off people every time I shoot. 

The thing is, though there are many women who are afraid or uncomfortable being the size that they are, or comparing themselves to models or Instagram "models" that they see every day, the important thing to note is everyone is beautiful in their own way

I know I have cited Ashley Graham, the model, more than once while writing about photography, but she's done another photo shoot that has made headlines, one in which she's got on a bra, but no underwear, and is kissing a man in a stairwell. 

Now typically, this would be something that many guys would think "Ok, put some clothes on honey, you're not skinny enough for that." But what's great about Ashley is she doesn't give a rats ass. She knows she's hot. And she owns it.

Many of us don't have that same confidence level, but hear me out: No matter what size you are, how big your nose is, how thick your thighs are, or how small your boobs are: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. We need to preach this more to our women, that way we can uplift each other. Not to mention, the better and more confident we are when it comes out our bodies, the more art we can create with REAL PEOPLE, not a computer generated fallacy.